Stinky Feet Game, from teaching in the Fast Lane

Stinky Feet-Funny name, Serious game!

A few years ago a dear colleague shared this game with me and it is a definite keeper! My students year after year just love it and ask to play it over and over!

The rules are so simple, you answer questions in teams using the Numbered Heads Together structure. Any and all teams whose answers are correct get to choose a sticky note from the Stinky Feet poster.

Each sticky note has a point value on it, but this is where the game gets a little stinky. Some sticky notes have positive points, and some have negative.
Continue to play the game until you run out of time, sticky notes, or questions. As you go, each team keeps a running tally of how many points they have. I like to have this tally on the board and have each team update it after each turn. That way, I can keep an eye on it and there is no funny business. Plus, I have students immediately put the sticky notes above the poster so that I can reuse them and they don’t get torn up as they tend to do when they take them to their seats.
In the end, the team with the most points wins! Sometimes I like to switch it up and have the team with the least points win. If I do this, I add extra negative points stickies to the poster so that it is seen as a reward for answering correctly, not missing a question.


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