For a long time schools in Spain are needed a revolutionary change in the way they are teaching generations of children day after day. Our children are being taught exactly with the same methods of memorization as our parents had and the parents of our parents in their respective schools.

In these times of quick global interchange of information, teachers should not consider themselves as the unique persons capable of transmiting knowledge. If they do, teachers will be sentenced to be ignored by the vast majority of their students in class, and this will lead us to a very high number of failed students and as a result, lots of desmotivated generations.

As it is never late to reorganize school agendas and we, teachers, parents, students, and definitely all members of the school community, have insisted in changing methodology and programming to increase pupils attention in class and results, all academic tendencies about cooperative learning are being welcome to stay among us at schools in Spain. Although we are aware of the slow rythm of introduction of these new techniques in our daily academic life, pupils are putting them into practice very successfully as if they were looking forward them for so longer time. They take years telling and asking us to do funnier lessons than the ordinary ones.

At last we have heard their proposals and fortunately things are changing very fast in society in general and in schools in particular. A school is like a microcity so, as the more interesting and participative you are doing in class, the better results you will obtain from your dear students.

Yolanda Iborra Bernabeu



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